Despite its frequent unpleasantness, when approached in the right way, stress can become the means to learn and grow, for it has a positive mission. Stress symptoms can be our guide through the trials of life.

Reading Angus Jenkinson's book is like throwing open the doors to a dark and airless room. He brings order to chaos and gently but firmly leads the reader back to the warm sunshine of calm self-belief.

Andy Blackford, co-founder KB49

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Just as the ordinary athlete uses exercise and challenge to develop physical muscles, so the inner athlete may develop calm, courage, imagination, balance, compassion, resilience, vision and presence of mind. Those who learn to pay attention to the physical, mental and spiritual signals that we call stress and discover how to respond will develop great personal gifts. Distress is the outcome of failing to listen.

An Introduction to the Book

From Stress to Serenity, is not just for those feeling stress or burnout and who are looking for a way to cope, it is also for everyone wishing personal, soul or spiritual development and who want to understand the meaning and use of stress.

Sometimes it is just telling us to relax, like heat warning us away from a hot object. Yet, stress is also like a path of initiation to nurture our fullest potential, no fun at the time certainly, but ultimately an invaluable gift. Merely knowing this makes a difference. As Nietzsche commented, "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."

Leaders arise from this path, and leadership is much needed by humanity. Leadership waits not just in the corridors of power, but also in every person, beginning with the process of really choosing how you will lead your own life so developing life-wisdom and selfleadership.

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